Basic Tips For Identifying Fake Jewelry

Nothing is more upsetting than spending money on a lovely piece of jewelry...only to find out that it is not real. Thankfully, there are ways to be sure that you are purchasing authentic, high quality jewelry. These five tips will outline exactly how you can test your jewelry to make sure that you have the real deal.

1. The Magnet Test

This is a classic test. Most metals are magnetic, but gold is not. If you have a piece of "gold" jewelry that you would like to check out, just hold a magnet against it. If there is a pull between the two objects, then you can be certain that the jewelry is just a fake with gold-colored paint.

It is important to note, however, that this test only works for gold. Most other metals, even high quality ones, are magnetic.

2. Diamonds

The easiest way to determine if your diamonds are real is to see the certificate that comes with purchase. What if your diamonds did not come with a certificate? Ask for it. If they cannot give you a certificate, they are trying to sell you a fake diamond.

If they do give you a certificate, look at it closely. Most diamonds come certified by the GIA. If the certificate does not look like it came from a professional organization, do not be afraid to turn down the diamond. It is most likely a fake.

3. Pearls

You may want to bring out the disinfectant before trying this test. Fake pearls are easy enough to make and pass off as the real thing, but there is one fool-proof test that will tell you whether or not your pearls are real. Rub them against your teeth.

It may sound strange, but fake pearls will be smooth and glide along teeth. The real thing should be uncomfortable to feel scraping across your teeth. By using this test, you will be able to spot even the best fake pearls for what they really are.

4. Silver and White Gold

Silver is in right now, which means that it is a popular target for fakes. Many of these fake pieces will be coated with rhodium, which gives the jewelry its silvery-white appearance. There are two ways to test your silver and white gold jewelry.

The first is to look at the underside of the ring under a bright light. If there is a rhodium-plating over the ring, the yellow of the gold will still be visible due to wear.

Alternatively, gold rings come with stamps like "12k" or "10k" to signify what type of gold was used in the ring. If your ring has such a stamp and is silver-colored, it is a fake

Stay Safe

It can be rough out there, and there are no shortages of people waiting to abuse your good will. By staying informed and knowing how to spot fakes, you can protect yourself from these scammers.

Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in arts and crafts, DIY, and other handmade products. She currently writes for Indian Traders, a leading vendor of pendleton blankets and jewelry.