5 Reasons Why Solid Gold Jewelry Is Better Than Gold-Plated Jewelry

5 Reasons Why Solid Gold Jewelry Is Better Than Gold-Plated Jewelry
Nothing completes one’s look like a fabulous piece of gold jewelry. Beloved by stylish women throughout history, the warm metal is revered as a key piece that elevates the simplest and most tailored outfits. And while it’s hard to resist the appeal of a more affordable gold-plated option, nothing beats the value of acquiring yourself a solid gold piece, which is 20 times more price effective! Ahead, we present the top reasons why solid gold is one of the best investments you can make.

1. Good value for money— 20 times more, to be exact

A gold-plated necklace is crafted at an accessible price point of $95, while a solid gold material of the same style costs $450. However, after just one week of wearing your gold-plated jewelry, it will likely start to fade and tarnish, narrowing down its price-per-wear to $13.57. On the other hand, you can wear your solid gold jewelry pieces every day for two years, putting its price-per-wear amount to only $0.66.

2. Undisputable value, similar to diamonds

Gold-plated jewelry is made by layering gold onto sterling silver. It’s real gold, yes, but it’s only about 0.5 microns on average—a microscopic level of gold that doesn’t even come close to the volume in solid gold jewelry. Lesser gold means lesser value. If you’re after desirability, you can count on solid gold’s longevity and market worth. It is also worth noting that solid gold, just like natural diamonds, grows in value over time. In fact, for the last 10 years, it has increased its price per troy ounce by 16.36 percent, truly making it bang for the buck!

3. You can wear solid gold jewelry anywhere

Solid gold jewelry can withstand the test of tarnishing, but we can’t speak the same for gold-plated ones. A gold-plated piece consists of metal beneath that will eventually rise to the surface and cause discoloration, requiring it to be polished more frequently to keep its shine. You can’t even wear gold-plated pieces in the shower since it’s not susceptible to even the tiniest amounts of moisture. On the other hand, a solid gold piece is a great accessory everywhere—in the shower, on the beach, on humid days, and cold nights. You can look stylish and not worry about damaging your jewelry.

4. Solid gold jewelry can make you feel more confident

Gold jewelry is undoubtedly a statement piece that can make you feel empowered and confident with your look, while gold-plated ones with its short-lived quality, can feel like a waste of money. Aside from this, the base metals used in a gold-plated piece can irritate those who have allergies and sensitive skin, which makes it a poor choice for health-related and self esteem issues.

5. Beloved by Royals, A-listers, and It girls

Since it has great value, longevity, and is sustainable, solid gold jewelry is considered the best investment for tastemakers and fashion icons, from A-list Hollywood celebrities to royals. Style mavens Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner, and Hailey Baldwin are great fans of sporting jewelry, whether for award shows or simply running errands. For many, it’s also considered a precious heirloom piece next to diamonds—tried and tested to withstand seasons.