Our Story

Welcome to Angelica Joy.

I see jewelry as an extension of your inner self—mind & soul. An expression of your confidence, your independence, and most importantly, worn as a symbol of love for yourself.

Angelica Joy Jewelry is focused on producing everlasting fine jewelry for the woman who knows her worth; a collection that reflects the value of you. It is built for those who understand the power of moving forward, pushing through fears, embracing the new and seeking out yourself along the way.

Take your steps in confidence.

—Angelica Pellegrino, Designer and Founder


Quality jewelry that lasts.

We only use ethically sourced precious stones and 14-karat gold in our jewelry. Built to last, our jewelry is meant to move through seasons with you, have your back through the hard times, and bring joy and light your face with a smile. Guaranteed for life and made to last a lifetime, they'll tell your story and hold memories of you.


Rooted in heritage.

We believe that story telling connects people in unexpected ways—these stories become a shared narrative, a way to solidify our connections and recognize who we are together in the this world.

These types of stories strengthen our bonds and reaffirm our shared histories; but more importantly, they reaffirm how much we mean to each other. This is the foundation that Angelica Joy Jewelry is built upon and is the driving force behind everything we do.

Rooted in heritage and inspired by summers spent in Italy, every touch point throughout the brand is meant to tell a narrative used to connect us together whether it be from a real life experience or a mere dream.