What is the Difference Between 14k and 18k Gold?

What is the Difference Between 14k and 18k Gold?

Fine jewelry is always an elegant addition to any look while lasting you a lifetime. Gold plated, gold-filled, or vermeil pieces tend to tarnish and discolor after a few years of wear. Investing in solid gold jewelry pays off as they shine and stand through the test of time. All while adding a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

But as you shop for fine jewelry, you have most likely found yourself coming across terms, such as ‘14k gold’, ‘18k gold’, and even ‘24k gold’. But what do they mean? Does it make a big difference in the piece? And how would it influence how you wear your new solid gold jewelry?

What Is Karat?

The ‘k’ in 14k and 18k stands for the word ‘karatage’ or ‘karat’, which refers to the percentage of pure gold in a jewelry piece. A 14k gold ring would contain 58.3% pure gold, while an 18k one should have about 75% pure gold, and 24k is considered pure gold. The higher the karat, the more pure gold is present.

But that does not always mean it’s better to opt for higher karats. Most people would think that 24k gold is the best option since it is made with 100% pure gold. However, you might be surprised to learn that it has its pros and cons. Pure gold is a soft and malleable metal, making it prone to scratches, scuffs, or even dents. Not to mention, the actual color of gold is closer to orange rather than the sophisticated yellow gold you associate with jewelry. If you order a 24k piece, it would be difficult to wear it every day, and it might not look exactly the way you envisioned it to be.

On the other hand, 14k pieces are much better for everyday wear. This is why Angelica Joy pieces are made with ethically-sourced 14k gold and stones that are meant to be worn daily, through the seasons and years.

Our rings are designed to be made with 14k gold as they are placed on your fingers and would inevitably end up brushing against a lot of surfaces, whether you’re writing or driving. The Luna ring may look dainty but it’s tough enough to accompany you through your day. Its composition helps create a sturdier piece that won’t scuff or scratch even as you stack them together.

While an 18k piece comprises a higher percentage of gold while still being mixed with other metals. It’s an excellent choice for those with metal sensitivity as it lessens the chance of skin irritation. 

The Ideal Jewelry For You

Choosing fine jewelry can get overwhelming with different terms and concepts to understand, but Angelica Joy Jewelry creates and curates pieces that help you express yourself. Accessorizing isn’t just putting on earrings, it’s opting for pieces that are ethically-sourced and beautifully crafted, for you to shine through. Our 14k solid gold pieces will stand by you through the seasons and will last you a lifetime.

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